Housing shortage

There is a global shortage of housing. The United States alone needs an estimated 5.24 million housing units, and that number has been growing.

Archaic building methods

The construction industry relies upon outdated methods and materials, delivered by a labor force in increasingly short supply. Traditional solutions have been unsustainable.

Business model

Strong unit economics

Our gross margins will be 30%. We will collect a small pre-order deposit, 50% of the purchase price upon receiving the order and the balance before the units are shipped.

Property owners will generally pay in cash or arrange their own funding; however, Dewanai also offers a finance program through a financial partner.


Why now

  • With more homeowners working from home during and after COVID, there is a high demand for backyard studios and ADUs.
  • New materials and faster 3D printers are unlocking new construction methods that are fundamentally changing the industry.
  • New government regulations are helping to facilitate faster permit approvals.

Market size & segments​

  • Backyard Studios
    Sheds & Backyard Structures are a $6B industry. The ongoing pandemic and remote-work policies have accelerated the Working from Home (WFH) trend, increasing demand for backyard offices.
  • ADUs
    Low-cost, implementable approach to infill development. Suited to high-cost cities with little vacant land and abundance of low-density development. $1.8B business in California alone.
  • Housing
    Home builders in California alone needs to build 2.5M homes by 2030. There will be a substantial increase in demand for fast-to-build small homes.


How is Dewanai different from other 3D Printing companies?

None of our competitors have capitalized on the true benefit of 3D Printing: its efficiency and mass production.

Competitors are:

  • 3D printing panels and assembling conventionally; or
  • Erecting a printer on-site and printing exterior concrete walls vertically over a traditional slab.

Our design & process prints the floor, walls & roof in one layer. This means that the complete self-supporting shell for a studio unit is ready for the next stage of assembly in 12hrs from start to finish.

Vision and strategy

A better way to build

Dewanai Printed Homes is disrupting the construction industry by changing the way homes are built. We have a vision where construction projects are built quickly and more affordably while also repurposing existing building materials and cutting emissions instead of having to utilize new resources.

We are ready to take on partners to bring this idea to the next level: a starter production facility that can generate over $7 million* in revenue for the company in 2022, and approximately $20 million* in the following year, when the plant is fully operational. In the future years, we will open similar factories in other states growing Dewanai to become one of the major prefab manufacturers.


We are always a part of something bigger


Risks & Finance



Risks may face by investing in Dewanai

Dewanai is still in an early phase and we are just beginning to implement our business plan. There can be no assurance that we will ever operate profitably. The likelihood of our success should be considered in light of the problems, expenses, difficulties, complications and delays usually encountered by early stage companies. Dewanai may not be successful in attaining the objectives necessary for it to overcome these risks and uncertainties.


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