The leading alternative protein (mycelium) food tech company in Vietnam

2 Million

target amount (USD)


Max investors

8 mil


500 k

Min ticket


Offering type

Investment summary

2 million

Products sold


Points of sales

$1.5 million

Accummulated revenue

  • The trend: Alternative protein especially alternative meat is inevitable. Key players in animal meat industries also made moves in the game
  • Market size: Market size of alternative meat is huge (<2% of animal meat)
  • Team & insights: The team are top researchers & experts in the field. Emmay team is approaching cutting-edge knowledge of the mycelium technology
  • Upside potential: Being early investor in a first big name in alternative meat startup
  • Risk diversification: Innovative food tech and traditional processing products
  • Impacts: Social impacts, values and community





Our food system is in the state of emergency

The list of things wrong with the way we produce food is practically never-ending; in short, we eat highly processed food low in nutritional value that makes us sick and obese. Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, deforestation, and depleted soils are fueling global warming. As the global temperature rises, increasingly extreme weather is destroying our crops and making our farms infertile.

  • Food insecurity
  • Animal protein inefficiency
  • Diseases & health concerns
  • Social, enviromental & economic challenges


A mission-driven food company using mycelium to create nutritious food

Aside from providing a safe and healthy source of protein for vegans and vegetarians, meat alternatives help to reduce the potential environmental impact of meat in a variety of ways.

Delicious, protein-packed, products made from the most sustainable source on Earth: mycelium.

Mycelium or fungus meat is a unique meat alternative that utilizes fungal growths to produce a meat-like substance. Among millions of fungi strains in the world, Emmay R&D team has successfully created and isolated a new type. This new type is used to create its own Mycelium fibers, Mycoprotein substrates and Cellulose membranes for meat & seafood substitute.


Healthy for you, healthy for the Earth too

Emmay is committed to creating products with superior nutrition. To do that, Emmay uses clean-label and locally-sourced ingredients packed with vitamins, minerals, omega, proteins and fiber.

Creative mushroom-based products

Emmay creates the most nutritious mushroom-based products on the market today.

Alternative meats (fungi-based)


Named one of gaming changers in foodtech industry

We are in talks with top suppliers in F&B and FMCG to bring our products to the hypermarkets and CVS.

Our products have already been sold in Aeon Mall, Go! Market, E-mart, Coop Mart and on Tiki store.


Our customers are trying their best to eat a little better everyday

Business model

Selling our products online, direct-to-retail and through distributors to stores nationwide & overseas


Huge room for growth


Fungi-based meats have more advantageous features than other types

Compared to other types, fundi-based meats are savoury, cost-effective, healthy, and scalable in terms of production volume.

Vision and strategy

A brand that consumers can trust when it comes to sustainability and nutrition


To make better non-meat foods by using the revolutionary fungi-based technology


To make the global food system truly sustainable by reducing the need to make food from animals


Top-notch researchers & leading scientists in mycelium technology


Risks & Finance



Risks you may face when investing in Emmay

Emmay is still in an early phase. There can be no assurance that we will ever operate profitably. The likelihood of our success should be considered in light of the problems, expenses, difficulties, complications and delays usually encountered by early-stage companies. Emmay may not be successful in attaining the objectives necessary for it to overcome these risks and uncertainties.


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