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BOS. Coffee Roasters raised $170k

If you are interested in investing in Vietnamese startups, we always welcome you. We will bring you an extremely special experience: “Be an angel”.

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For founders

Perfect your pitch and tell your story with a smart, secure and all-in-one platform that supports you through your entire funding journey. Share data and reports seamlessly to build investor relationships.

Venture Capital

For VCs

Accelerate your deal flow with accountant-verified data. Filter and analyse deals based on funding stage, sector and performance. Seamlessly manage your portfolio and reporting.


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Access and invest in high-growth startups. Build your portfolio with intuitive filters to analyse deals based on funding stage, sector, and performance. Manage your investments in one place.

The set of values we provide


Spreading your investments across a larger number of startups and reducing the risk

Enhanced transparency and information

Provide detailed information about the startups, including their business plan, financials, team background, and pitch videos.

Highly vetted deals

We have a rigorous screening process for startups that apply to be listed on the platform.

Lower investment minimums

We democratize the investment process and make it more accessible to a wider range of investors.

Investment Opportunities


A leading platform in personalized events & related entertainment




Web app



💰 Target

USD 150,000

🏦 Status



“Arabica Sữa Đá” tastes not only bitter-sweet dark chocolate but also fruity, sweet, and sour








💰 Target

USD 170,000

🏦 Equity



A company that produces prefabricated, modular homes that are designed to be easy to transport and assemble on site


Good traction



💰 Target

USD 1,500,000

🏦 Equity


Equity Crowdfunding
An innovative way of raising fund

Equity crowdfunding enables fast and effective fundraising while generating strong marketing effects.

“We are incredibly grateful to BeeKrowd for their support and for providing us with the platform to make our fundraising campaign a success.”

Mr. Canh Hung
Founder & CEO, BOS.

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Technical & Finance

Leading consumer products


Marketing & Growth

Transformation sparks financial
income for cleints.

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Brand A


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Brand B


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We take the pain out of raising money. List your fundraising profile on BeeKrowd deal room and tap into our network of investors to fuel your company’s growth.

Joining our deal room to increase visibility and exposure to potential investors.

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Raise capital

Raise as low as $50K to $5M from angel investors and VCs


Get exposure

Market your startup and build awareness with our network of engaged investors


Multi-purpose profile

Create your fundraising profile once and send it to your target investors


All-in-one solution

Our startup ecosystem support you with resources to fuel your startup

Deal room examples

Deal scout service

10,000 USD 0.00%
84 days left 0 investors

Bosgaurus Coffee Roasters

"Arabica Sữa Đá" tastes not only bitter-sweet dark chocolate but also fruity, sweet, and sour

173,913 USD 0.00%
119 days left 0 investors


This foodtech company is committed to creating alternative meat with superior nutrition using mycelium technology

2,000,000 USD 0.00%
103 days left 0 investors


MEG provides supply chain Digital Transformation solutions increase business efficiency for SMEs & startups

500,000 USD 0.00%
107 days left 0 investors


Deal room

  • Need KYC
  • Access to deal room
  • Private &
  • Good deal flow

Deal room

  • 1 profile cover if qualifed
  • Feature on dealroom page
  • Investor community
  • Profile feedback


Custom One time payment
  • One fundraising profile
  • Feature on ready-to-invest
  • Access to 80K+ investors
  • Profile feedback


  • BeeKrowd is a platform that provides essential services to help connect investors and startups. BeeKrowd helps investors make investment decisions even with a small initial capital.

Investing in startups has a number of characteristics that can be mentioned as follows:

  1. High risk
  2. The outcome of the investment is often clear in the direction of either going to great success or failing and losing the investment.
  3. Is a long-term investment and needs to be held for a long time before making a profit
  4. The investment money will go directly to startups raising capital
  5. Additional benefits that startups bring: customer program VIP for investors, discounts for investors…
  6. Be part of a community that supports startups that you love and choose to invest in.
  1. The legality of the investment is very clear, shown in the end result that each investor will become a shareholder of the startup company in which they have contributed capital.
  2. The investment through BeeKrowd is done according to a transparent and convenient process so that your investment will be converted into the number of shares and the number of shares held in the startup company calling for capital.
  3. Information about investors will be updated in the list of shareholders of startups.
  4. Investors will receive a confirmation of being a shareholder of the startup company they have chosen.

DOES NOT. BeeKrowd insists not to make investment proposals or solicitations in any form of information exchange. Investors are not required to invest or in other words all investment decisions are voluntary and chosen by the investor himself.

All information of startups is provided by the founder, BeeKrowd insists not to edit or supplement information to make these startups more beautiful, better or different from the information source provided by the founder.

  • First create an account to join BeeKrowd.
  • Next, investors discover the startups.
  • Finally, click “Invest” and follow the instructions exactly. With those simple operations, you have become a real investor.

BeeKrowd will try to diversify the types of startups in the category such as:

  • Startups in clean agriculture,
  • Startups in fintech
  • Startups in AI, Big data
  • Startups in healthcare, new technologies related to medicine.
  • Startups about entertainment…

BeeKrowd aims to diversify the fields of startups and more importantly, the difference in how to solve problems that startups offer. Only really different and innovative startups can convince the investor community.

BeeKrowd advocates bringing the most up-to-date information to investors. We recommend that founders update at least quarterly information about startups for investors through the portal provided by BeeKrowd such as Q&A and email… Financial reports and information about upcoming projects It is also recommended that implementation follow this timeframe.

Investors’ money will be transferred directly to the startup company calling for investment. BeeKrowd adheres to the principle of not touching this investment and actually we are not legally allowed to interfere with this investment. Investors make a direct transfer to the startup’s account without going through BeeKrowd.

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